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A highly personalized approach to investing that aligns intention with action while fostering an investment experience that is both more enjoyable and more rational


"This book is an exciting advance on how behavior research can and should influence investment decision making. Its focus on how the individual investor and their advisor begin with developing a personalized set of economic expectations and managing a portfolio in the context of the investor's own economy is an important and actionable insight."

Carl J. Schramm

University Professor, Syracuse University; former President, Kauffman Foundation; serial entrepreneur and venture investor

"Taking principles from behavioral finance—for example, creating a disciplined approach that reduces the emotional temptation to buy high and sell low that plagues so many—this book makes a great contribution to financial advisors and their clients in seeking to create satisfactory investment experiences."

Robert C. Doll

CFA, Chief Equity Strategist, Senior Portfolio Manager, Nuveen Asset Management, LLC

"This book is an ode to a commonsense realization—investing is a social science rather than a physical one. Combining tried and true investment techniques with cutting-edge research on behavioral finance provides a wonderful new approach for those charged with managing other people's money."

Jason DeSena Trennert

Managing Partner, Chief Investment Strategist, Strategas Research Partners LLC

"Investment management and behavioral finance are both critical to achieving the objectives of every investor, but integrating these two concepts—which often seem diametrically opposed—has proven difficult. Widger and Crosby have found the touchstone by fashioning elegant investment solutions for the mental accounts or 'buckets' that come so naturally to investors."

Gregory Curtis

Chairman, Greycourt & Co., Inc.; author of The Stewardship of Wealth; developer of the Moneybags mobile financial application

"For too many years, investors have measured their performance against standard benchmarks such as the S&P 500 Index or the Dow Jones Index. But as Widger and Crosby meticulously demonstrate, beating an index and meeting one's financial goals are not the same thing. In fact, striving to beat an index or a universal benchmark may lead to investment decisions that fail to meet those goals."

Zachary Karabell

Head of Global Strategy, Envestnet, Inc.

"Widger and Crosby offer another path, tailored to the unique needs of each investor. Astutely recognizing that long-term financial health has little to do with beating the stock market or the average bond index, Widger and Crosby chart a new course, based on rigorous analysis but grounded in common sense."

Zachary Karabell

Head of Global Strategy, Envestnet, Inc.

Chuck Widger

Executive Chairman
Brinker Capital

Dr. Daniel Crosby

IncBlot Consulting

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